Friday, June 18, 2010

It's my weekend off and I'll sew if I want to!

Yes! I am ready for my 4 days off! I just printed out the first few pages of Carolina Crossroads from Bonnie Hunter's group. I almost finished the last few blocks of my YTRR. And the foundations for the Red Stars quilt are printed and waiting! I also have a fun quilt on my longarm frame. I love my job, but I really love the time I have to sew and quilt. My DSIL told me she thinks I am addicted to quilting! I think she is right! And it is OK! It's a good addiction!
Happy weekend everyone! The quilt above is just a picture of one I made some time ago. It's on my etsy shop, but I like the spring theme! I'm feeling Springy this am.
Happy quilting

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