Saturday, December 27, 2008


December for the last week and a half has been non-stop snow. I can't belive how much has fallen in such a short time!. We were not able to go to DSIL Diane's house on Christmas eve-we had to work that night and the snow would not permit even going for a short time! We have one car to use as the other one is buried under four feet of show and even if we dug it out, it would never make it down the alley.
Well, I have been making Happy blocks for the newest Heartstrings project and made a QOV top to quilt and send to Alycia with Heartstrings for her 400 quilt for the soldiers project. It is something very happy and creative to focus on. I also am going to package up some of my quilt tops and send to Cricket for her Annie's house project. She brings them to the house for homeless women and they tie them and then use them for thier house. Great causes all! So over all, I am frustrated with the snow, but happy to have quilting and giving to others to focus on.