Monday, December 26, 2011

Orca Bay-Clue #6...and Boo-Boo Blocks

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! I have entered the world of Kindle readers! I got a Kindle for Christmas from my sons and Shara. I have enjoyed downloading and reading with it. We had a wonderful Christmas eve party at Shara's sister Diane's house and my mom also came! It was a blast and we all ate too much...hence the extra long cardio session at Jazzercize this am!
I made some progress on my Ohio Star blocks too. I have 19 light ones and 8 dark ones made. These are the CUTEST little blocks...when they are made right! LOL!

OK, I am laughing now, but I couldn't believe it last night when I was sewing and thought I was all done with the light ones. I had already done 20 of them...and one of those had a mistake that's why I was shocked at myself! As you can see in the photo...well, they are now orphan blocks that will appear in a orphan block quilt at some date in the future! I am NOT going to spend the time ripping them apart! I am just going to cut new ones. I am going to have to make more QST's, but I will see how many once the dark ones are done. Anyway-I know now I HAVE to keep the photo of the block in front of me at all times!

I have been making more of these darling little heart blocks as leader-ender blocks. The sister group to quiltville chat-quiltville hearts is making a heart quilt for one of out members who is suffering from some major medical things. And this group is going to continue making the blocks for future needs. They are so cute, I may make a little heart quilt or maybe placemats to go in my etsy shop. We'll see!

Next post I do will be in the New Year! WOW! this year has been a fast one! God bless you all and hope your new year is happy and pray for peace!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Orca Bay Clue #5 progress

So...I have 110 of the unit 5's done and 250 more to do! No hurry! It is going to take all week...or more, with Christmas coming up next week! That is OK! This is a marathon, not a sprint! No prize is offered for being the first one done!

This photo is all my pretty parts in their "Be Sweet" box. I have saved a couple of these little boxes that Mandarin Oranges come in. They are a great size to hold small parts or blocks for a quilt in progress.

Here's all my HST's awaiting their wing triangles to be sewn on.

And here are the 110 of the finished ones. As you can see, I had a rather loose interpretation of "black fabrics" for this quilt! I think they sort of look like Orca tails! My Orcas are very colorful!

I also am sending 6 heart blocks for Nikki's Love Quilt. More on that project later.

God bless and have a Lovely Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Clue #4 of the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt!

I finished Clue #4 this evening. Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts are always really interesting and fun to make. They have a large number if pieces and we are always guessing right to the end! I love it! Can't wait for the next clue!

And speaking of Bonnie Hunter ideas, last summer, she challenged everyone to make bowtie blocks using cheddar solid as the background, and have this be our Leader-Ender project. Well, I used scraps instead, but this is the result of those months of making bowtie blocks. I am going to give this one to my quilter's guild yearly Mountain of Quilts for Charity drive next year.

Are you ready for Christmas? Me neither! Just 2 weeks to go!!!
God bless!
PS-I mixed up the 2 photos above, but I am sure you can figure out which is which!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 2 of being the Featured Seller

Here are some more links to wonderful treasuries! I just am amazed at the creativity of the tagt team members!

Comfort and Joy

Sometimes in Winter

Unique gifts

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

And there are so many more!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello December!

I somehow lost the post that explained what is going on, so I will do it again!
I had an exciting day on etsy, as my shop is the Featured Shop of the week. I lost count of how many treasury features my quilts and other items were in today! And this goes on all week! It really is fun! My etsy team-tagt team-is the best team on etsy! There are so many talented members on the team and they are prolific in making treasuries and supporting one another's shops! The previous post has 3 links to some of the treasuries that were made today. Take a look! You might find that special gift for a special person in your life!!!
I am currently doing the Orca Bay mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter. I have the first 2 clues done, and am working on the 3rd-very slowly! I hope I can finish it tomorrow afternoon. I included a photo of the 2 finished clues-it ended up at the top of this post.
More later-Christmas season is fun, but busy!!!
God bless

Here's a few more

Teal Delight


The Bear and the Honey Bee

And this goes on all week! Stay tuned!