Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Goals being met-2

It is good to have the goal list and have something to work toward. I started quilting the Pineapple variation on my frame today (2/23). I was nervous about quilting it as I did not know what I wanted to do. Once I started, it is amazing how easy to figure out it was. This quilt is from the American Patchwork and Quilting magazine from Oct 2008. It was a great pattern and challenging too.
I sent out 4 boxes of strips and scraps to various people in HS, and I'm already adding to my scrap bins with border pieces that I cut recently. Never ending...I wouldn't want it any other way.
I finished the string quilt top I was working on and made the backing, batting, and cut out the pillowcase-it is going to be a QOV quilt. I also finished the logcabin quilt top and got the backing partly made. This will be a donation locally. I'm using a thicker decorator fabric for the backing, as well as some flannel pieces. I thought a warm cuddly quilt would be nice.
So, to redo my list:
  1. Finish the quilts I want to give to Hospice House.
  2. Make a work tote bag.
  3. Quilts to quilt: Pineapple variation-on the frame now; Gypsy Star, Strip Twist, Heart strings one for QOV, Log cabin.
  4. Continue the job of cleaning and reorganizing my sewing spaces.

Lots to do! Happy Quilting Everyone!

Mary H

Friday, February 20, 2009

Goals being met

Since I made my goals list, I have been working toward them. I got my QOV in the mail for Alycia's project, and have been cleaning out my scrap bins. I have boxed up for large shoeboxes of strips to send to fellow HS'ers. One went out to Wanda in Florida on Thursday, and the other three will hopefully go to three others.
While I was digging through those scraps, I pulled out lots of pieces that were 1" to 1.5" and...well you guessed it...started another quilt! I was going to finish the string quilt I am making first, but instead started a log cabin scrappy. Mary J of HS has been making log cabin blocks with her strips, and that inspired me to do it too. Those little blocks are fun to make and they don't have to be perfect. I'll just trim them to make them all the same size when they are big enough.
New pictures will be coming soon.

God Bless-Mary

Sunday, February 15, 2009

List of Things to do

I was reading Mary Johnson's blog (Heartstrings), and she had written a list of thing to do. I thought this was an excellent idea. Great for organizing my thoughts and helping to accomplish goals. Here is mine for the rest of this month and into the next:

1. Sew labels on the back of three Happy Quilts, one QOV, and one string quilt.
2. Get the QOV quilt sent to Alycia (HS'er)
3. Gather the quilts together to donate, to Hospice, and Sally House-finish anything that needs doing, and drop off the Hospice ones. The Sally House ones will go to the guild meeting in April.
4. Finish making current string top.
5. Make a new tote bag for work.
6. Tops that I want to quilt this month:
One that is on the frame now.
Gypsy Star
Strip Twist
2 Crazy Patch Houses
That is 5 quilts, so I doubt if I can get them all quiltedin February (but of course this list is for March too!:-). So I will add the current string top to the list.
7. Clean my sewing room. This includes pulling out all the fabric bins, sweeping behind them, and sorting through the scrap bins. Plus getting rid of the exteranious stuff in the closet.

Ok I think that is a good start to a goals list...I'll update with progress notes!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Two New Quilt Tops

I made two new tops in the last couple weeks. One inspired from a Thimble berries book, and one from a Heartstringer's blog pages.

The Thimbleberries pattern is just for a small table topper, but I decided to make several of the blocks and make a large lap size or sofa throw. Here's the book page:

Here's the quilt in progress:

In this pix I had not added the border, and I was debating on what I wanted. A ribbon border would have been great, but I ran out of background fabric. So I decided to do a plain old fabric strip one. I had two choices of combinations:
I chose the one with the large blue and burgandy paisleys and the burgandy dots. When it is quilted I will show the finished product.

I also made a Strip Twist from a pattern designed by a fellow Heartstringer. This will go to Hospice House. I have 3-4 quilts for them, so I need to get them over there!
And here is the backing fabric-isn't it yummy!? I got hungry for strawberries after working with this fabric, and Shara bought some today! Gives one hope that this winter will eventually end!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

More Pix

How about this, two posts in one day!

I took pix of the finished quilt top, the finished string quilt and a cake I made for my beautiful niece's graduation. First the cake:

Brianna is a smart and talented young woman, who graduated early from high school and now is attending college. She is taking pre req classes to get into the nursing program. Of course, I am thrilled that she chose nursing!

Now those two quilts.

The Blue and Yellow still needs it's binding sewn down, but I'm showing it now because I got the pix taken! I'm not sure where it will go yet, but I'm thinking Hospic House.

Then the quilt top: I'm excited about quilting this one!
I'll post it when done.

A Couple New Pix

I have a couple new pix. One of my third Happy quilt and one that I was going to post awhile ago, but didn't get around to until now. The quilt top is done now, so I'll get a picture of it soon. First the Happy quilt:

Then the quilt top laid out on the design wall. It had to be put together bit by bit, as the pieces are all interconnected. It was a wonderful pattern and I'm going to call it Gypsy Stars. Fun and challenging, it was from Love of Quilting Magazine-Feb 2009 issue. I will put it in the quilt show in October.

I have another quilt top I'm working on, out of a Thimbleberries book. It was also a challenging block. I'm calling it Valentine Star-I'll post a picture soon. Oh! and I finished the Yellow and Blue Heartstrings quilt-all but the binding.