Monday, June 14, 2010

Design Wall Monday-June 14

Monday Already? I had a long week of work and got a few things done, but I actually did not sew at all one or two of those days! I started and worked on the new Carol Doak 6000 member block and got three of them done. I think I will make 9 blocks-or maybe 12! I love this block and I like the effect the strips make. They are hard to get matched though! You could probably pick out the first block I made, as I did not try to match the strips. Looks better to match them!

I only worked a little on my YTRR, I am still plugging away, but as you can see, I don't seem to have much momentum with that project anymore. I quilted two quilts, and got the binding on yesterday, so here's a sneek peek at them. When they are completely done, I will show the whole thing.

And here is a small quilt that has been buried for awhile under some other quilts. I sorted finished quilts yesterday and am in the process of reorganizing my longarm room. This little quilt is from a Quiltmaker series quilt from 1997 I think. I love this pattern and am almost inspired to make it again. Quiltmaker is the one magazine I will not give away. It always has something inspiring in it! If I could only have one quilting magazine (parish the thought!) this would be the one!
Anyway, this quilt was made when I was still hand quilting. It is a little faded because when Matt (the oldest son) was living with us for awhile, he used it as a window shade. It is still a great quilt though!

We have to get a new central air conditioning unit this week! The old one has been giving us problems for the last three years and it finally decided to go KAPUT all together. Big expense, but we can't live without it!
So that's my week in a nutshell!
How was yours?
God Bless


Chris said...

Hi Mary

Sorry about your AC but we really cannot live without them anymore. How did people survive before we had AC??? LOL.
Have a great week.

Quilter Kathy said...

Lots of great quilts there!
That is trickey to match those stripes on the paper pieced blocks!

Lovie said...

Love the blocks, with or without matching strips. Just tell everyone that your are not to match the stripes and you are such a great quilter that yours matched anyway. . . LOL

julieQ said...

OH, hope your AC is fixed soonest! Lovely quilts, I especially love your red one...pretty!

Pat said...

Love those blocks! Very striking indeed! Yesterday we used the AC for the possibly second time this season. Hoping for more sun--but dang it when you need AC you NEED IT NOW! Good luck!