Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let's try this again!
I ment to write a little about our vacation when we got home, but found our computer had crashed...Total TU! I just have access at work, until we get a new one. We will go computer shopping this weekend I hope.
The vaca was nice and relaxing. No money issues, Shara and I mostly got along well. It was a good time. We went antiqueing several times during the trip, and I would like to post pix of some of the treasures we found, but until we have a home computer, I can't! I found a lovely crazy quilt with red velvet backing in one antique store. In another, I found a hand embroidered panel of an old fashioned dock scene. I think that might go well with some light house fabric I have had for awhile to make a little wall hanging. Or maybe I will just frame it as is.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hello from Oregon!

We are finally on vacation! We are going to the Oregon coast this year, but first spending a couple days in Portland. Shara has a cousin here. We are staying in a hotel that has computer access-public computer.We don't have a laptop...
Anyway, back to the vaca...We will go from here to Pacific City and stay in a cabin at the 1000 trails presewrve there. It is a week of relaxing and antiqueing and beach combing and movies and some hand applique work. No, not a sewing machine! And that is OK!
Hop to find some treasures to share though! See you after the 25th!

God Bless