Monday, April 11, 2011

3 Great Sales!

I just sent two quilts to Virginia, USA, and I am going to send another one to Ireland tomorrow!
I am amazed that the Double Four Patch and Stars (DFP&S)sold so quickly! I just finished it last month! I am sure she will enjoy both quilts.

This is the Pineapple Blossum I made last year, and it is accompanying the DFP&S to the buyer in VA!

I also sold my Dreams of Kitty Beach to a lady in Ireland. I can't find my photo of it right now. I love that I have quilts in many places around the world! That is what makes selling on etsy FUN!

Shara is healing really well, and I am back at work! I also started an exercize program: Jazzercise! I am going three times a week, even if it is after work! I have love it so far! I will weigh in after I have gone for 1 month...May 1...see if it has helped me loose weight! I started at 280lbs! Ugh! Pray for me!!!
I found out I am starting to have blood sugar issues...and my dr put me on Metformin-a blood sugar reducing med. That was the final straw to getting moving again! I DO NOT want to be diabetic if I can help it!

God bless!