Monday, April 7, 2008

New Pictures!

Ok! I have some new pictures to share.

First, a look at a work in progress. It is from the book "Cute as a Button Quilts".

Since I'm on a cat quilt phase, I'm making Purr-fect Angels

Second, a crumb quilt I plan to donate to Sallie House-the home for children who are displaced from their homes as a result of abuse. I try to donate one or two quilts for this at each of my guild's meetings.

Third, I have my turquoise strings quilt done at last. Now I have to figure out who to give it to. I'll look locally first, but I can always give to Heartstrings Project for them to decide where it should go.

Last, I have my Dog and Cat Scrappy quilt done, and I'm posting it and another quilt on etsy today.

Wow...I've been busy since my machine was fixed!


April Already!!!

I had not visited my own blog for awhile, and I realized I had not posted since early March!
I have my dog/cat quilt done and quilted. I will post a pix on etsy, and here as well today or wens. I'm at work with a little down time right now.
At work, we moved our surgical unit to a different floor, so it has been very hectic lately. We have had some very sick, confused, and psychotic patients lately since the move. I don't know if it is worse than usual, or it just seems that way because we are not used to the new unit.
I do know one thing, quilting is my haven. I had to take a critical patient to ICU last week. He was intubated as soon as he got there, so if I had waited on labs to get done or another test the dr wanted, I would hve had to code him on the way down. (I'm not sure how these italics got here!) Any way, as I said, quilting is my haven-over my days off, I had that to think about instead of what I could have done different for the patient.
I'mworking on a new cat applique project, veery cute and fun. I'll have to post a work in progress picture soon. I also just finished a paper pieced birdhouse quilt that is on the frame and I hope to quilt it tomorrow or even after work today...if I have the energy! Looking forward to two more days off to work on projects!