Monday, January 17, 2011

Design Wall Monday-1/17/11

Happy Monday! It is the first time in three weeks that I am organized enough to get something up for DWM!
I was working several days getting my RRCB top done, and needed a break. This bowtie pattern was a nice break! The bowtie blocks are from a Moda Bakeshop pattern and finish at 4". The middle of the bowtie is a folded dimentional center. I added the plain squares to make an 8" finished block and here's the setting i am sewing it into. I plan to do a scrappy border using 2.5 by 4.5 pieces. This whole quilt is made from pieces I had precut from scraps.

This is one of the fabrics I used in this quilt. It was from a grabbag of fabric scraps I picked up somewhere last year. I am not sure if it is cotton or a blend, but I love that cute touch of embroidery in this very scrappy quilt!

And here is my Roll Roll Cotton Boll-still in pieces. The center of the quilt is together, The inner border strips are sewn together, and the outer border strips are ready to go. I am waiting until I have a full day off before I tackle the final part of getting the borders all on. Then I need to make a backing...! And a label! And get it quilted! This has been a fun and challenging project and I love the final quilt! Thanks Bonnie Hunter!

Have a happy week everyone and enjoy the quiltmaking process!
God Bless

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello for 2011!

2011 seems to have come before I was done with 2010! Time is going by too fast!!

I have been busy in the sewing room, although I don't have much finished. I wanted to make a few small items for my etsy shop and made a couple of Valentine's Day mug rugs.

I also made a free pieced letter wallhanging-hope to get it quilted andbound soon. I procrastinated over Christmas about getting three Christmas wallhangings was posted on etsy, one is still on the frame, and one is still waiting to be quilted! I guess I could say I have a jump on next Christmas then! I didn't want that to happen for Valentine's Day, so I am trying to get some done earlier!

I finished all the blocks for the RRCB mystery quilt yesterday, but did not put them on the design wall, as Christmas Lights was still up there. I finished putting CL together today and laid out the RRCB blocks. That quilt is large-takes up the whole design wall and then some. I find it really helpful to have it all laid out, particularly with a diagonal set. I get lost too easily otherwise!

As I said, I have finished this top, but only had this photo to show. I really love this pattern and might actually make it again! That is something I don't usually do as there are so many patterns to choose from!

God bless everyone for the next year! May it be better than last year for us all!