Wednesday, March 23, 2011

OMG! I can't believe I haven't blogged in a month

and a half! Wow! Early this month, Shara finally got in to see an Orthopedic surgeon and got her new hip on 3/13. She has been struggling with rt hip pain for at least a year, and we have been going all over town to figure it out. It is weird, because we went to Dr Bone-yes that is the Ortho doc's name-early last year, and he thought she needed a new hip them! Shara did not want to do surgery, mostly out of fear of what people would say due to her TG (transgender) status. After dealing with the pain of degenerative arthritis for a year, she didn't care what people said! We spoke to the Ortho unit manager before the surgery and told her Shara was TG, so it actually went well. Shara is home for a week now and is doing really well!
I have finished a few things and put them on etsy and plan to do a few more. I am on Family Medical Leave right now-until 4/6. It has been great, and I am pretty sure if I could retire now, I would! But I can't, so I will now dream about it yet!
Anyway, just thought I would touch base and say I am still here and still quilting!

God Bless