Monday, June 21, 2010

Design Wall Monday-June 21st

Walter says Good Morning to all!
He and Boxer were pretty frisky this am. They were happy that I got up earlier than usual. I have to work tonight, so it sometimes happens that I feel like getting up early and seizing the day!

Here is the quilt top I decided to work on after finishing my YTRR quilt top. I just love my scraps I have all cut up! This quilt top is going to deplete my 2.5 squares and 2.5x4.5 bricks. I even got into my stash and cut up a couple of light fabrics that I had used before! That qualifies as a scrap doesn't it!

My Red Stars quilt has four blocks made now. I didn't touch the Q4K quilt, so it still is sitting there! I organized my finished quilts so most of them are hung up in the quilting room closet, instead of sitting in a pile. Most of them are in my etsy shop, so I wanted them to be more accessable. I got about half the binding stitched down on one of the quilts I quilted last week. I had a good productive weekend for the most part!
This week, I am working Monday night through Friday night. My schedule got changed a little this week. Usually I have Monday night off. Looks to be a long week, but next week, my weekend off is changing! I finally got them to change me back to the weekend off I had last March before all the changes started. Shara and I will have the same weekend off together again! And I am going to have FIVE in a row off!!! I am excited about that, altough I will have to work 6 nights in a row to get it. I learned a long time ago that you have to give a little to get a little!
Hope everyone's week goes well! And Happy Monday!!!

God Bless


Vicki said...

Very pretty and a great stashbusting idea! Hope you adjust to the new work schedule will. I don't always cope with those types of changes well and night/evening shifts are not easy for me to do anymore. Have a great week!

Vicki said...
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julieQ said...

Looks like you are making such great progress on your scrap top! I am glad you will have some time off coming up...that will be fun.

Helen in the UK said...

Enjoy your time of TOGETHER! Time off to sew is great, but time to spend together is special :)

Nancy said...

Hi Mary, I love your scrappy quilt. Scrappy quilts are my favorite.