Sunday, July 25, 2010

No DWM for me this week!

I don't have our camera this week, as it was lent out to a gal where Shara works to take photos of the employees to send to one of the nurses who moved recently. Shara is going to make an email photo album to send to him. So, I am unable to post my DWM photos for lack of camera to take photos! That's okay, it is for a good cause!
I hope to finish putting together my Valiant Eagle quilt top, and my Bricks and Cobblestones. I also finished the applique' for the Tulips quilt, so might get that together as well. I need a new applique' project soon. I found a Raggedy Ann and Andy project with redwork stiched RA&A here
I'm thinking this might be that project! I can do the piecing and save the redwork for when I need a hand project-such as when watching TV, or riding in the car on Vacation!

I can't wait to see everyone else's DWM tomorrow!
God Bless

Monday, July 19, 2010

Design Wall Monday-7/19

Happy Monday! I have made some progress on my Valiant Eagle. I got two star blocks done. I have the star point parts for the rest of the stars ready to go, so I expect this quilt top to be done by next Monday. It is coming along!

I stopped at a yard sale on the way home from work Saturday morning and found a big bag of fabrics, and patterns. I am not keeping any of the patterns except the Raggedy Ann and Andy one. There was a whole finished doll in the bag and cut fabrics for the clothes but I think I will end up choosing my own fabrics for the clothes! So, I had fun sorting through the fabrics, and there were several solid colored poly-cottons, and some nice cottons. Of course, I will give away the poly's and keep the cottons!
Here's a photo of the poor little naked Raggedy Ann.

Here's a couple photos of some of my RA&A collection! Aren't they cute!

Hope all have a Blessed Week!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Heres a little i have done this week

I got hooked on doing these little postcard quilts. I might make some for the quilt show boutique.

These little totes are also going in the QS boutique!

And there is someprogress on my Valiant Eagle. The easy piecing is done, now I am working on the star border-28 simple star blocks.

I am in the middle of my 6 night stretch...must go to bed!!!

God Bless

Monday, July 12, 2010

Design Wall Monday-July 12

Good Monday AM!!!
I finished my Asterisks quilt top yesterday and started another called Valiant Eagle. This one is from Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting-June/July 2010 issue-the latest issue. I just love the eagle in the center! It has a stripe border above and below the eagle and then a border of stars around all that. I only got the center part done last night. I think this one is going to Alycia in Colorado for her QOV project, although I sure would like to look into getting one started here in Spokane. We have Fairchild AFB just down the road from us.

Here is my finished Asterisks quilt top. It was fun to make. I could put two or four blocks together as time allowed during my work week. Yesterday, I put the top all together. I still might make some for block lotto, we'll see. I made 42 of the blocks, so was ready to be done with them after this weekend!

This is a short and sweet post! Nothing new on the work front-besides it being an extra crazy week! Some of the patients who are confused as a rule seems even more confused this past week. I'm not sure why. Summer weather?

God bless!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Design Wall Monday, 7/5/10

Good day after the fourth! We did not do anything special, unless you count cleaning up the deck and making a new awning for the swing bench special! LOL! My schedule changed, so I worked last night. Don't get every Sunday and Monday off, but the trade off is getting more days off with my DSO!
Anyhoo! Here's some of my stuff in progress!
I have a pink flannel four patch on the design wall. Very simple little quilt, but I need to put it up there, otherwise I get things mixed up when I'm sewing it together! I can put one of these together in a few hours, but I've been doing other things too-of course! I made one in blue earlier in the week. These will go to Sallie House. They will be really cuddly for the kiddos.

I found the block lotto blog recently, and also the Liberated Quilter's group. Put those together and what do you get? Free piecing and a chance to exchange blocks! Well, I started making the Asterisks blocks and like them, so I kept making them. I have 16 of them made. Unfortunately, I did not read the instrutions right, and cut them 7.5 in instead of 8.5....sooo, I will make these for myself-I already cut the background squares! I will cut some others for exchanging. But aren't they fun!

I also have been doing a Bricks and Stepping Stones for leader/enders. I'm using dark blue and yellow for my stepping stones and dark and medium dark prints. These are mostly fat 1/4's that are a little unusual, I don't want to say ugly! The quilt will be fun and interesting at any rate!

Well, that's my Monday! Go visit Judy's site for more DMW!

God bless!

Friday, July 2, 2010

New July BOM block

I'm participating in the BOM from Carol Doak. Here is the July block:

I just love the colors in this block!
I also started with the Liberated quilter yahoo group recently. Here's my first liberated block! I is not perfect, but then, it isn't supposed to be!