Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Its been awhile since I posted!

Gosh... over a year!!! I enjoy reading blog posts almost every day, but haven't written. I will try to change that! I have finished a few quilts recently. Pictures? none!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Texas Braid class with Bonnie Hunter!!

It was a wonderful day with sewing and sharing with fellow quilters in WSQ Spokane! Bonnie is a delight and I am so glad to have had this experience!! Here's a few photos!

 Bonnie and me with my first 2 braids and the quilt I hope they become some day!

 Bonnie instructing us on the finer points of braid making!
 Show and share time!! Here's a couple of my favorites....The log cabin quilt has one inch logs!! Just gorgeous!!

And this little quilt has 1/4 finished hexis! This sweet quilt has tiny lady bug buttons on some of the leaves and very tiny buttons for berries...Adorable!!!!

What a great day!

God bless

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hi Quilters! I wanted to share a link to an etsy shop that has some really great cards or prints for sale.
It's called torn paper quilt cards. I really love the various quilt photos on these cards! And they also can be purchased as a print with a mat! Here's a few lovely examples:
 The quotes at the bottom can be customized however you want. I am getting the above print with a mat and will frame it to hang in my sewing room along with another one. I'm putting "Keep calm and quilt on" on one of them.
 This is what the print and mat ones look like. Aren't they lovely?
Great colors and color combos too!

God Bless

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I just grabbed the RSC button for 2015! I watchedthe fun with the Rainbow Scrap blocks all last year, so it's high time to join in! This month we are doing Blues-looks like a whole range of them too.
Scroll down and hit the RSC button and see for yourself!

Monday, December 29, 2014

DWM and Quiltville link-up

Time for more link-ups!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas!
I'm ringing in the New Year at the hospital...yes, I'm working! It's all good, I'd rather have all of Christmas off than New Year's eve. Any way, here's some photos:

 Thanks to Bonnie Hunter, we had the EASIEST CLUE EVER for Grand Illusion!!!!! This weeks clue was 4-patches, 4 of one and 25 of the other. Didn't take long, and I'm looking forward to finding out how these beauties are going to go together!

 Here are 4 of my coffee quilt blocks before the machine applique is done and the attic window sashing is put on. The applique fabrics are out of my scrap box. Kinda fun and wonky, I think!

Here's the quilt in progress on the design wall. Some of it is behind the ironing board. I settled on a brown TOT for the sashing. The green print will end up being the border...too busy for sashing!

Head on over to Quiltville and Patchwork Times for more link-ups!

Have a blessed New Year!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Grand Illusion progress and DWM!!

Here is my Clue 4 all done!
And here's the rest...1-3. Love the colors in this quilt!

This is what I just put on the wall today-Coffee Quilt! I plan on doing an Attic Windows setting and the alternate blocks will be appliqued with coffee cups and saucers, taking inspiration from the black coffee cup fabric. FUN!!

And here is Sadie up on top of my fabric bins with her current fav piece of flannel to sit on. She's a great little supervisor and quality control expert!

Linking this post up with Bonnie Hunter's blog and Judy at Patchwork Times as well!

Have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!
God Bless-