Monday, March 29, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I love this book- Mariner's Compass Star by Carol Doak! I started a new project using the setting shown above from the book, but I am going to do 9 different compass stars from the book instead of all the same. I just can't seem to do just one thing all the same! To me, it is boring to do the same block over and over. So I have laid out the setting triangles on my design wasll and will put each block up as I finish it. These blocks are wonderfully intricate, and paper pieced. Should take me about a week! LOL!

Oh, and tonight is the first night of my new job on ACU. I get to be precepted by Jana on ACU for the first two weeks. I am supposed to find out soon when the classes they are sending me to are.

I am excited about my new job and the new quilt design!

God bless

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Re: New job

I got the call about my new job yesterday! I did get it! I am not sure when I'll start, probably in two weeks. I sent in my two week notice. I am excited for a new start, and in something where I will be learning some new things.

I just printed out the instructions for the next round on the YTRR. It matches exactly what I wanted to do, which was to make corner blocks similar to the middle one. The criteria just say to make a paper-pieced corner. I'll post a pix when done.

God bless

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New quilts ready to send out

I finished two Quilts for Kids quilts recently. They are going out soon. I had fun with the puppy one, I quilted words that had something to do with puppies-such as water, playmate, barking, etc. I was thinking the kid who gets this might enjoy finding the words quilted on. The fairy fun is from the kit I received.
I also finished my QOV that is going to Alycia in Colorado for her project. This quilt was from the RWB block exchange project we had last year. I am excited that this collaborative quilt will go to comfort a wounded soldier.

I also sold my Fancy Cats quilt from etsy. I'm so glad it finally found a home!!!

God bless

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Job Stuff-2

Well, I haven't heard for sure about the new job, I left the nurse recuiter three messages in the last 2 days. So, I will leave it in God's hands. If it is ment to be, it will happen. Or maybe something will happen on surgical to convince me to stay there! It's all good!
My sweetheart and I are spending the day together, since our weekends are opposite each other now. So I'd better get back!!

God Bless

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Job Stuff

This past monthor so has led me to a place where I have another cross-roads in my career life. These seem to come up about every 6 years or so. I have been working in surgical nursing for about 9 years, and Holy Family surgical for about 6.5 years. For about 2.5 of those years, I have been charge nurse. Now, all of the sudden, we have a new unit manager, and a new nurse on the unit, and I find myself being told I'm no longer good enough to be charge. It was not in that blatant of a way, but still...
So I am now back to being a staff nurse, my weekend off changed, and the new nurse...who got her license 9months now charge. Wow! I'm leaving out alot of detail, but it is sad that this political stuff happens.
Last week, I put in for a transfer to the ACU unit. I got called that day, and asked to come to HR for an interview. Yesterday, I had the interview, and it sounds positive. I've been interested in ACU for a long time, but never followed through on a change. I am excited about the possibilies a change to critical care can bring. There is alot to learn, and I do love to learn. I am going to call HR today and find out if is for sure that I got the job. Keep you posted...

Of course, I have not felt up to doing anything complicated since all this happened, so I've been working on string quilts. I made one green and blue string top, two log cabin string quilt tops, and am working on a second string top-this one is pink and green strings with yellow centers. I saw this on someone's blog recently...I'm sorry I don't know whose...and thought it so cute, I wanted to do one myself. I'm going to finish all of these for donation at our Mountain of Quilts display at our quilt show in October.

God bless you all,