Monday, December 17, 2012

Easy Street Clue 4 and Design wall Monday!

Here we are again! I finished a quilt top and worked on my Easy Street...also took 3 sick days at home with a yucky gout attack! I can't believe how excruciatingly painful that is! Oh man!

 This is the top I made from the 300 spool blocks I made....MOSTLY from leaders and enders! It will go for a charity quilt next year. I finally cleaned up my quilting room, and rearranged some things. That room had become a dumping zone for all kinds of junk, and I got so I didn't want to quilt in there anymore. Now I have my books somewhat rearranged...and off the floor and the junk cleaned out of there. That being said, I hope to get many more quilts quilted next year! It is scary to think of how many quilts are just waiting! The Spool top will be one of the ones I hopew to get quilted by next guild meeting, so it can go in the Mountain of Quilts drive. For more Design Wall Monday photos-GO HERE! 
And, of course, here is Easy Street clue 4. I love the colors in this one and am interested to see how it will go together! I haven't even played with the pieces yet. Just making parts and waiting for the next clue. I'll bet we starting putting some things together this Friday! For more Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt photos-GO HERE!

God Bless


Monday, December 10, 2012

A Finished Top, and Easy Street Clue 3

I don't have anything on my design wall, but the top that was there last week is DONE!

 I worked much of yesterday and again today to finish my Christmas Town Sampler top. Here it is spread out over the sofa-it's kind of big for my design wall. I like the colors and fabrics I used in it. Kind of Asian inspired fabrics, kind of Christmasey. I had thought about making 2 separate quilts-one with the center blocks, the other with the town blocks. I glad I pushed myself to do all one quilt! I love it!
And here is my clue 3 of the Bonnie Hunter mystery-Easy Street. How about that skull and crossbones fabric? I love it! There is also a batik-like fabric with turtles on it. It is always interesting and fun to see what I can find in the remanent bin!
Link up with Bonnie Hunter's blog Here to see other clue 3's or any progress on Easy Street!

God Bless

Monday, December 3, 2012

Design Wall Monday and Easy Street Linky

I will start off this post with my Christmas Town Sampler that is on my design wall. I decided to simplify the sashing quite a bit, and I am considering making this a smaller quilt and using the house blocks in a different quilt...No offense to the wonderful designers of this lovely quilt! We shall see what happens! Go here to see other design wall Monday posts!
 Here is my progress on the Easy Street quilt project from Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville! Steps 1 and 2 are done and I have the 2"x3.5" pieces cut for a future step. I am loving this quilt!!! I am excited to see what we do with the lime green and turquoise fabrics. Yes, I decided to go with Bonnie's color combo...I love these colors, and my purples and turquoises REALLY needed thinning out!!! A true quilter's reasoning if I ever heard one! Go here to see other quiltvillechat member's Easy Street Posts!
Lastly, I have the very simple December BOM blocks done. I love that these blocks really show up my background fabric!
Well, that is a little of what I have been doing! I also have some Pink Ribbon blocks to make up into a quilt top for donation to breast cancer patients, and I am putting my spools L&E blocks together in fourses. I will show those another time!

God Bless!