Friday, April 24, 2009

Plant a Seed

I finished binding my Plant a Seed quilt and have a picture or two to share. I would like to show it in the quilt show in October, but must fix the outer border. I quilted it with a wave design...the waves were going one way one the top, and then started going the other way when I rolled the quilt forward! I don't know how Icould have forgotten it that fast, I did it all on the same day! Just eager to finish it I guess. I also quilted Welcome Spring in the middle of the quilt. It is hard to see, but the sentiment is there.

I also have the little bow tie done. I think I will give it to a young RN at work who I have gotten to know over this past year, and enjoy working with. She is having her baby in July I believe.

I'm almost done with my TATW, finally. The patchwork got to be tedious, but I'm looking forward to quilting it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

5 Quilts!

I had this weekend off, and had the time and energy to quilt several quilts. Five to be exact! Yesterday, I was on a roll thet would not stop. three of them were smaller that 36" square, so they are small, but still...they are quilted. Four of them are bound, and the Plant a seed one is still waiting. I'll post pix asap. To update my list:

1. New quilt on the frame-two Churndash variation quilts. I liked the pattern from...I think it was from The Quilter I made two in different colorways. I loaded the teal one today, and will try to get going on the quilting tomorrow. I also want to quilt a small wallhanging that I made from batiks and marbled fabrics bought at the quilt show last year, and I used blocks from Jacque designs-she has a shop on She does the most amazing pictorial hand dyed designs. I bought some a long time ago, and finally decided to do something with them. I made a attice windows type setting with the pictures and the batiks/marbled fabrics. I am a little scared to quilt it, as I don't want to ruin it!

2. No progress made on the scrap stash being cut into usable sizes, so time to work on that!

3. I signed up to make postcards to exchange with the Carol Doak Group, so will play with those soon.

4. I need to post some new items on etsy. Have several, just need pix and time to get them posted!

5. Niece's b-day coming up...need to make a gift. I think a fabric purse or tote bag would be perfect.

6.I still am working on the TATW quilt. still piecing it bit by bit. I also am making a pp quilt from Quiltmaker magazine. I slowly coming along on it too. I have some nautical fabrics left from the tote bag I made, so will make a small quilt top out of that.

Okay, the list is not really complete, but there is enough for the rest of this month and into the next!

God Bless You All!

Mary H

Monday, April 6, 2009

So...New to do list

I have finished 5 quilts in March. Feel pretty good about that. They are bound too. I posted the pix last week (see below). Now I have new stuff to do!

1. Sew that darn label on the QOV and get it to Alycia! I keep getting sidetracked, and haven't yet. So It has to be a priority for today.

2. Quilting: Those two house quilts are still waiting. One is loaded and the other is ready to load. One will go on, the other will be a Hospice or Daybreak one.
I also have a scrapy heart quilt, and my Plant a Seed wall quilt. I also have a baby quilt of the extra blocks from the big one I made last month. I am thinking of giving it to another gal at work who is expecting her 2nd baby in June. That is five for April. Not too hard! Three of them are small!

3. My Trip Around the World is still in pieces, so goal is to finishe the quilt top. MAYBE I can get it quilted before the guild meeting at the end of April...or maybe the June meeting!

4. I started working on my scrap bins-sorting the larger strings out, and cutting smaller ones into 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3.5 inch squares. This was an idea from Bonnie Hunter's blog. Thank you Bonnie! I have to tame the scrap bin lion somehow! sending out some to fellow Heartstringers was a help, but I needs to make it more organized. Thsi will be an ongoing, yearlong project!

5. I also am working on making blocks for fabric scrap pillows out of my left over half sq. triangles. Any time I do a pattern that uses stitch and flip methods, I sew another line of stitching, and can use the hst for something else. I started a small broken dishes quilt top too with the 2" hst's I have-there were a GOB of them! I'll post some pix of the pillows and quilt at some later date.

There...April is all filled up with quilting projects! I also need to use some of the fabric I bought at the WSQ yard sale. I bought about 25 yds of fabric at 1-3 dollars a yard...and it is good stuff too. I will have to see what ideas I can come up with soon. I won't be buying anymore fabric until...June? Can I hold out that long? We'll see!

God Bless You All