Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hi All! I have my DWM post ready, but for some reason, I can't get into Patchwork Times! It has just been in the last couple of days that it opens, but there is nothing in the window that opens!
Well, here is what I've been working on:
The blocks below are from the quilt called Country Wedding in Quiltlover's Favorites-vol 8 I think. I only put up a few of the 42 blocks. I am in the process of sewing the blocks and sashings together. It will be a large quilt when done.

I also am making slow progress on my Quiltmaker series quilt "Meet me at the Manor". I love the fabrics I'm using in this quilt. Many of them are Moda fabrics in lovely peach, green, and yellow pastels. The blocks shown are not in the order they will be in the quilt, but I wanted to show the ones I have done. The part I am on now is making 42 sawtooth stars. I think I have about 18 to go! This quilt starts in the Sept/Oct issue. I am working from the Nov/Dec issue-the second part of the series. There are quite a few pieced blocks in this part!

That's all for now. Remember to look up Bonnie Hunter's blog and get in on the new mystery quilt-Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll. Catchy name Huh?

God Bless

Thursday, October 28, 2010

ACLS Done!

I have been away from my quilting and blogging for several days due to taking the ACLS-Advanced Cardiac Life Support class and test. I am very happy to say I got through it and am certified now. I don't want to go through that again any time soon, let me tell you! Each person in the class had to demonstrate they could run a code-that is if someone goes into a cardiac arrest situation, that we can show that we know what to do. It is like BLS-Basic Life Support, but advanced. A code is a stressful situation, and so is the code testing! Of course, if you realize your knowledge and ability to use it is life and death for your patient...well, it has to be taken very seriously! Anyway, I am glad to be done with the class for 2 years! I may take the class again in 2 years-instead of just testing out. It would be good to go over all the material again!
I sewed some stars blocks this AM, and it felt like I hadn't sewed for a long time...even though it was just a few days. I was really focused on studying for the ACLS test! I have been knitting dish cloths today, and finished 2 of them. I plan to give those as gifts this year. They are made out of cotton yarn and are great for washing dishes. One could use them as a face wash cloth too. I can knit one in about 2 hours.
I don't really have any new photos, I'm still plugging away on my projects-the BOM from Carol Doak, and the Raggedy Ann quilt. I also am working on the Quiltmaker series quilt. That's the one I am making stars for. The quilt has 42 of them, and I have 18 done. This is going to be a pretty quilt!!! I'll show some photos on design wall Monday...which I haven't participated in for 2 weeks!!! Well, life does get in the way at times!!!
Will post again soon!!!
God Bless

Monday, October 11, 2010


Good Monday AM! How about another House quilt!
I wanted to show my progress on the new Quiltmaker series quilt,"Meet Me at the Manor. I have a bunch of great Moda fabric, and some others from my stash. I have too many projects going right now, but I've been itching to start this one ever since I saw it in the Sept/Oct Quiltmaker! I made my self finish the stuff I'm making for the WSQ quilt show boutique before I started this design!

Here are the three Christmas table runner. I'm still stitching sewn the bindings down on these.

And on the kniiting front...
I've been working on a shawl, the pattern is from the Ravelry. I also am knitting a green and blue scarf out of fun fur and cotton yarn.

Fiber is fun to work with in whatever form it takes!!!

Hope you all out there are having a great Monday!!!

God Bless