Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Pictures,2

Time for New Pictures again. First, the memory quilt of Brindle is done. We do miss him and there will never be another dog like him. We do enjoy shring the memories. I was not able to get puppy pictures on the quilt of him. The quality of the ones I had was not too good as they were pre-digital. (How did we survive without a digital camera?).
Here is the quilt and some detailed pictures. The one at the top of the quilt is my very favorite of him.

I want to include some pictures of the other two dogs in our lives-Boxer, who is an 8 year old Akita. He seems to miss Brindle, but is enjoying his new companion. Walter is the new dog we got after Brindle died. He is sure alot of fun, and we love him. He is an Aussie/Springer mix. We miss Brindle, and the two we have now are appreciated all the more because of our loss.

The first picture here os of Boxer-he is about 85 lbs.
The next picture os of Walter-he is around 45 lbs

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Busy start for May

Another month come and gone! This month, we went through some changes-a loss and a new member of the family. Our 10yr old dog Brindle was ill, so we took him to the vet. He was found to have a tumor with mets to the liver. After several days of agonizing whether to let him have surgery or not, we decided to let him go. We put him to sleep on may 7th.
We also got another dog that same week. This one is an Aussie mix like the older one. He's alot of fun and definately a puppy! I'll post some pictures some time soon.
Of course, quilting always gets involved one way or another, so I started a memory quilt of Brindle. I'll post a pix when it is done.
My finished quilts have been slowed down now for awhile, but I hope to have the angel cat one done and on the etsy site for sale soon. Also finishe the paper pieced dragon one.
Well peace out until later!