Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yesterday, Gloria on the Heartstrings website asked me where I got the pattern for the QOV quilt. I got the book out so I could give her a specific title and found I had the wrong author written down. It is from Nancy Martin's book "A Treasury of Scrap Quilts". The border blocks are from Quiltmaker July/Aug. 2007-No. 116-the pattern name is Ribbon Tribute. I just wanted to make that correction.

I started a new quilt top from the latest Fons and Porter magazine called Gypsy Rose. I love the challenge of the piecing-it is mostly 1/2 sq. triangles, so I use a walking foot for the piecing. I'll hopefully be able to post some pix at home tomorrow. Shara said out computer is not working...oh no!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy quilt with novelty border

The picture did not post, so here it is, I also forgot to include my blue and yellow strings quilt top.

Charity Quilting

I have been enjoying making quilts for Heartstrings since the big snowfall in Dec. I have finished 2 Happy Block quilts, 1 QOV, and I have another Happy quilt to quilt and a string top. So...it's time for pictures.

First is my Happy quilt for a girl to be donated to Sally House. I like the purple border and binding.

Second is my first Quilt of Valor. I love the block I put in the center. It is from Judy Martin's book Scrap Quilts. The border is from a Quiltmaker magazine paperpieced pattern. I was tired of thet pattern by the time I made all those 6 inch blocks, but I sure like the effect around the inner blocks.

Third is a Happy quilt with a novelty border. I had several novelty squares left over and I did not wasnt to make anymore happ blocks, so I cut them in 1/2 and sewed them all into a border. It turned out pretty wild, but the thing grew on me after I quilted and bound it.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well, it is a new year, and I have resolved to be more active in my Heartstrings quilt group. I also want to get involved with the charity group here locally-I can't think of the name right off hand-but they make quilts to donate locally. Some of them might enjoy the Heartstrings project too. I started off the year by making 201 Happy blocks and just about finished a blue and yellow string quilt. I am going to quilt this one myself and donate locally. The Happy blocks are for some small quilts to give to Sally House and the rest will be sent to the Heartstrings block collection. They will be combined with others from all over and made into quilts for kids at a sew-in some time in the spring.
I also have just about finished a QOV quilt-Quilts of Valor. These are donated to returning soldiers, many of whom are wounded. I will send this one to a lady with Heartstrings who is collecting them for soldiers. Her goal was to have 400 of them to donate...not sure if there is a dead line or not.
I do have a few new things for my etsy site as well. I did manage to finish a basket quilt that is cute to sell. I still have a big pile of quilt tops waiting to be quilted, so my second resolution is to finish 5 quilt tops a month from ones I already have made. That is the goal anyway, so if I shoot for that, I may clean out my backlog of quilt tops by the end of the year! Will post some new pix soon...I'm writing this on a break at work!