Friday, February 29, 2008

Bailey saga continues

After taking Bailey down to a repair place I know, she is working just fine now. Thank the Lord. Apparently, one of her gears had shifted out of place. As soon as I got her home, I put her back on the frame and threaded her up-stitches a few inches and somehting went bang...again!
I was standing there nearly in tears when Shara came into the room. Then I discovered it was just a broken needle. After I fixed that, she ran fine. I finished one quilt and started on another. It took me awhile to relax with my stitching, kind of gun shy now. I've also determined that I have to slow down, not drive Bailey so hard. My dear partner hung a sign above the quilting frma to remind me to slow down-it's very cute.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Bailey still down

Over the weekend, the wonderful people, Art and Sue whom I bought my machine from came to my house and got her working again. but after they left, I started quilting again, and Bailey froze up again! It is so frustrating, not to mention I'm unable to post a new quilt on etsy, because I can't finish it until my machine works again. I am going to take it to a repair place I know and see if they can help me.
I am very thankful for Art and Sue's help and support.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bailey went Bang!

Monday morning, I was quilting along, thinking what a great day quilting I was having. The machine was humming, the thread had only broken once, and I was getting close to finishing the quilt I was working on. The pattern even looked good! All was going well, until all the sudden, Bailey the Home Quilter Machine went BANG, then Buzzz...the needle wouldn't move any more. The wheel to move the needle up and down would hardly budge. I took it apart to clean and oil it, thinking this would help. It didn't.
Yesterday, I called the people I bought it from. Sue said the timing might be off. She also suggested I call the main office, but the guy wasn't there, so I'll try again today.
Well, I do miss my machine, so I'll figure out something...soon.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Completed quilt top, New strings quilt in progress

I finished the Mariner's Compass quilt top, so I'm posting 2 pictures of it. I will be quilting it soon, and want to do a good job, so as to have a nice quilt for the show in October.

I also made blocks for a Heart Strings top using turquoise blue as the center string. I can't wait to sew the blocks together. I used mostly very light strips for the light side of the block, hoping to set off the blue centers.