Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh dear!

Another month gone by. I have been without a camera dock to download new photos for about that long now. "Something" happened to the cord. We will get a new cord or a new camera soon I hope!!!!I can't list anything new on etsy or share any new photos of projects until it is fixed one way or the other. I guess as frustrations go, this is minor!
We got a new to us car this past weekend: a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid! Oh how I wish I could show a photo of it! We have joined the new millineum at last! The newest car we had was the 1998 Jeep Grand...and a gas guzzler for sure! Hey, it is a sign of the times for us to give up a larger V-8 gas hog for a smaller, 4 cylinder car, that runs on batteries part of the time! I'm loving the quiet ride and the newness of it!
I finally got caught up with other projects enough to feel confident in starting my newest quilt top-Walled Garden that I shared in the last post. I love the fabrics and think this one will be lovely! I will share progress shots when I can!!!
I want to share a link to an etsy shop and hope many will visit it. The owner of the shop-Som-had a baby girl at only 26 weeks gestation. The baby-Tara-is in the NICU fighting for her life. The etsy team I am on-tagt team-is trying to help her out by donating items to sell and giving her the proceeds, and also featuring her in many treasuries to increase her exposure and hopefully result in sales. NICU expenses become astronomical very fast!!!Here is a link to Som's shop:

If you wish, visit and support her if you can!

God bless