Thursday, April 1, 2010

Answer to Helen's comment

I have done several paper pieced Mariner's Compass. I don't think I would want to try it without paper piecing! They require such precise piecing that I know I couldn't doit the traditional way! I did do one many years ago with traditional templates and hand pieced it. As you can see, I only said I did ONE! I had another one cut out, but it lay buried for many years under other things. Yes, for me paper piecing is the way to go! I have 3.5 blocks done now, I'll post another photo soon, when I get more blocks done.

I have appreciated all the well wishes on my new job. I have worked two nights at it, and yes, it is hectic, and I love it so far! The manager said ACU is a dynamic I know what she means!There is so much to learn, and things move at a fast pace. I learned last night that when someone is on a cardizem drip-vital signs-esp blood pressure and heart rate are, well, vital! The VS must be watched very carefully-the heart rate or blood pressure could drop suddnely! My peceptor Jana is sssooo awesome! I've learned alot from her already! I also am taking some classes for three days next week-Essentials of rhythm strips, and Basics of Advanced care. That will be great learning opportunites too!

God bless


Helen in the UK said...

Thanks for the clarification. Can't wait to see the blocks you've done so far :)

julieQ said...

Yep, watch your heart rate on the Cardizem drips...they can drop in a hurry!!