Monday, March 29, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I love this book- Mariner's Compass Star by Carol Doak! I started a new project using the setting shown above from the book, but I am going to do 9 different compass stars from the book instead of all the same. I just can't seem to do just one thing all the same! To me, it is boring to do the same block over and over. So I have laid out the setting triangles on my design wasll and will put each block up as I finish it. These blocks are wonderfully intricate, and paper pieced. Should take me about a week! LOL!

Oh, and tonight is the first night of my new job on ACU. I get to be precepted by Jana on ACU for the first two weeks. I am supposed to find out soon when the classes they are sending me to are.

I am excited about my new job and the new quilt design!

God bless

1 comment:

Helen in the UK said...

I've never tried a mariner's compass as they look way too trickey for me!! Look forward to seeing your progress though.

Good luck with starting the new job - will be keeping my fingers crossed for you :)