Monday, April 5, 2010

Blog of Interest

I read an interesting article in the newspaper today about a young man named Nicholas Rapp who is traveling around the world driving and camping. I am going to follow this blog, as there is alot to learn when one travels. You can link to the site from my sidebar.
I think it will be an interesting journey to follow. Maybe someday, Shara and I could take an epic trip like this! Or maybe just around the USA.
If you could travel like this, where would you go? I would love the visit the eastern side of the States. Many of the people I meet online live in Maine or Minnisota. For me it would be a trip to meet in person many of these people, as well as going to some of the great quilt shows and shops I read about.
Mary H

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bingo~bonnie said...

thanks for sharing this, I checked out Nick's expedition and wow! he sure has spent a lot of money on this trip!

I'll add him and you onto my google reader so that I can get updates each time you post.

nice to find you! ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie