Monday, April 5, 2010

Design Wall Monday..again

So here is my Mariner's Compass Sampler with all the blocks plugged into the setting. I will start to sew it together today. I am going to have a fairly busy week with classes and working a day shift (shudder) tomorrow. After today, I might just work on Heartstrings blocks between shifts, so I have something easy to work on.
I know I say shudder, just because I am not used to working days! At night, we don't do discharges, except on rare occasions, and mostly patients stay on the unit, and doctors are not there writing orders. Contrary to some nurse's opinion, patients DO NOT sleep all night! When they sleep, it is only for a short while. Lots of things interrupt their sleep, but we try to protect it as muich as we can. OK, I'm digressing! I'll post about my day shift experience when I can!

God Bless


Dena said...

Your Mariner's Compass quilt will look stunning when it is finished. Great job!

Helen in the UK said...

Your compass blocks look GREAT and I love the setting you used. Hope you day shift went ok :)

Alycia said...

Wow - that is beautiful. I always tease that the moment I get to sleep, a nurse or doctor comes and wakes me up!