Monday, April 12, 2010

Design Wall Monday and Pets

I want to show my finished Mariner's Compass top today. I enjoyed making it, now will put it in line to quilt. May take awhile!
I found Ziggy hiding under Shara' coat playing peeka boo, so got a shot of him. The others were just hanging around. Walter goes in his kennel any time he thinks something is a threat. I guess he was intimidated by the camera! Boxer is our Akita. He is a hansome boy! Sadie is the calico-likes to sleep in the middle of the living room. Shalom is the yellow cat. He looks very grumpy in that picture, but he really is sweet. His front teeth stick out of his mouth and we call him a saber tooth cat. They are a fun group and keep us happy and busy! We went for a walk with the dogs this am. It felt good to get out and stretch! I am hoping to make that a regular thing! It has been too long!!!

God bless


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Helen in the UK said...

Congrats on getting your mariners compass to finished top stage. Your fur babies look cute :)