Friday, May 14, 2010

So, I was visiting

with this very delightful lady at Walmart today while waiting in line at the pharmacy. If you've ever picked up scripts from Walmart-takes awhile!
Any way, the subject somehow turned to sewing, and quilting! She told me she had made ONE quilt in her life, and vowed never to do another! Can you imagine? Ok, quilting is not for everyone! I said I had to sew or quilt everyday...a day without it is just not complete! She said-oh, do you have a big STABLE...I said WHAT? She said stable-you know-Stash Beyond Life Expectancy. I had to laugh and write that down! Isn't that a great little numonic?
And Yes, I do have a big stable, and I'm not ashamed, nor do I intend to stop adding to it! But I will have to decide some day who will get the stable when I'm gone! That's a subject for another day!!!

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