Monday, May 24, 2010

Design Wall Monday-May 24

Happy Monday All! My design wall doesn't look too different from last week. I have added a few more blocks to the Star Struck I was working on, but not really much sewing was done. I also finished the Carolina Chain top.
What I was really working on was reorganizing my stash. Two things happened this week. First, I decided once and for all that I would get rid of the Monster laudry bin of scraps and I am happy to say it is GONE!!! Secondly, I got a huge wind fall of fabric from my DSIL's friend Wendy. So far, I have prewashed about 200+ yds of nice Benartex fabric. Here's the progress on the Star Struck quilt.

And here is the progress on my scraps:
I have cut and organized the scraps into 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3.5, and 4.5 inch drawers. And there is a separate drawer for 2x3.5 and 2.5x4.5 bricks. These little storage containers are really handy for this!

I also have two large drawers for strips. I have not organized them by size, color or even lt and dark as yet. That is coming!

So here is the scrap users system. Takes up less space and is very user freindly!

Here is the whole starage system. The large drawers have large pieces arranged roughly by colors. I have three drawers with greens and four of blue! I have two for reds and burgandys, one for rose colors and one for pinks. There is one for orangey family fabrics, but I think the bright orange and the peach colors should be separated. I have too much for that one drawer. I need three more drawers for neutrals and browns, and teal/aqua colors. That is why there is a large stack of fabric there; it still needs a home. It is still a work in progress!

I wanted to leave space between my design wall and the stash storage, so I have another set of drawers in the closet. That has all the blues in it. I had to clean that closet out, and I wish I would have taken a before photo. Believe me it was SCAREY!!! Now I can hang up my quilt tops and backings and can pull out whatever I want to quilt. Before, they were in a big pile and very hard to get to. I have an old dresser on the other side of the closet that has four drawers. There is a drawer of christmas fabrics, one with thread, one with rulers, and one with wool fabrics and vintage embroideries. Some day, I will get around to making something with those.I did not take a photo of it. The closet has sliding doors, and make access to the closet kind of difficult, and limits the space. I would like to take those down, but am not sure how.

And here is all the scraps I did not keep. I have some boxes going out next week to various people who said they wanted scraps, and two large bags of scraps I will give either to a local lady who is in WSQ or to a charity organization.

So, that was this last week in a nutshell. My back, feet, legs, and wrists are all screaming with arthritis pain, but I am happy to have a better organiztional system in place. Now, maybe I can get some quilting done!!!

God Bless



Mary said...

Wow, it is very organized ! Love the blocks on the design wall.

Nann said...

Congratulations on your sorting, flinging, and stashbusting.

c said...

i applaud what you have accomlished

i use scraps for soldier and charity quilts, if you need another outlet to send to. I take
just about anything cotton-lol.

thank you for an opportunity to see how it is done.

Anonymous said...

Wow love your organization and love the quilts. I especially love the quilt at the top of the page.

I started a blog this year and it is just for keeping a diary of the progress of my UFOs of which I have accumulated many over the past 23 years.

Here is my blog:

Quilter Kathy said...

Very inspiring...congratulations on your accomplishment! I hope to do the same some day!

Judy said...

Holy Smokies!!! Your organization is amazing! I wish I could buckle down and get mine done. I'm doing a bit at a time but it's getting there! Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful, Mary! Seems I have to do this every so often as it is needed again - LOL!

I love your design wall quilt. Beautiful!


Michelle said...

You've been busy!

Sherrie said...

Hi Mary, You have been VERY busy and it looks great!! If you don't like the sliding closet doors how about just removing them, buy a curtain rod and take some pretty fabric and make a curtain and hang it from the shower rod. Then you can pull it across when you want to "cover" up the closet ... just a thought. Your organization is very inspiring!

Suze said...

Looks good! I need to do what you did. How did you find people to send stuff to? and how did you decide what to send?

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