Monday, May 3, 2010

Design Wall Monday, May 3

I just had to first include a photo of Ziggy. As I have said before, the sewing room is his room, he just lets me use it, as long as I keep making things for him to rest on!

My pineapple Blossum top is done except for the border. I'm going to use a dark blue angel print. Yes, I know the fabric is "Christmasey", but it is so cute! And I have enough for the backing! I trimmed the blocks try to make them more even in size and did not realize that some of the corner triangles ended up uneven in size! So alot of them did not match well while sewing them together. I also turned one of the blocks the wrong way while sewing it, and the middle triangles are oriented differently than the outer ones! I think that was the one I was making while half asleep...come on, you all know what I'm talking about! LOL! I left it that way-see if you can find it! I figure it is a charming "oops".

I started putting up a Leftovers Quilt on the design wall. I call them that, but they are really a collection of orphan blocks. The blocks for this one are from a variety of sources. The large star blocks are from the star block exchange with the Carol Doak group last fall. I have a few of my own, a few sent to me from Alycia in Colorado, and I have a few I picked up from our WSQ yard sale early last month. I have another basket of the leftovers as well. I'm going to make one "girly" one and one "boyish" one. These will be finished for our Mountain of Quilts (MOQ) display at the Spokane Quilt Show in October. The Pineapple Blossum is going to the MOQ as well!
As I look at the block arrangement in the photo, I see that I need to redistribute the lighter and the more colorful blocks. I will be playing with them for a few days, then sew together! These kind of quilts are pure FUN!


julieQ said...

Of course, I love your pineapple blossom scrappy wonderful quilt! So kind of you to make quilts for charity, and such pretty ones. Glad you have good help in your sewing room!

Roma said...

Mary, your pinapple quilt is fabulous!! and jsut for the record, I did see the turned pieces.. but as you said it does make for a good oops..
also all your orphan blocks will make a very stunning quilt!! You may decide to keep this one..

Helen in the UK said...

The pineapple is beautiful - congrats :)

Kathie said...

Love the way the pineapple quilt turned out.

Elaine Adair said...

Hey, that's one nifty quilt in your header. I came her from Yahoo Quiltville, to see your Pineapple Blossom. Very nice! Mine is also waiting for inspiration for quilting, and a bed to put it on (come on construction guy!). 8-))

Kathy W-P said...

I love your colorful quilts. The pink header one is just THE BEST! Thanks for sharing your creative quilts with us.
Kathy in California