Monday, May 31, 2010

Design Wall Monday, May 31

Happy Memorial Day to all!
Sunday afternoon found me finishing up my Star Struck blocks and then working on the 3rd of my orphan block quilts. I have a rather chaotic mess on my worktable right now! In the middle of the table is my Star blocks which I am in the process of sewing together. On the upper right corner are still some scraps that I want to keep and cut into usable sized pieces for future scrap projects. In the upper left is fabric I have pulled from stash for the new Carol Doak BOM she recently announced. It came on the Carol Doak yahoo list as a birth announcement! She said she was pregnant with a new BOM and was about to give birth. And it is going to be a spectacular new baby! I have simply got to finish some stuff so I can spend time with the new baby!!!The rest of that stuff is what I'm using as blocks and setting strips and pieces for the orphan block quilt. Today, I hope to clear most of that off, and I'm still working on organizing my fabric. I have to buy three more drawers.

Here's my work table:

And here's the orphan block quilt as it is right now. Probably won't be like that later in the week, because I will add and change things around, but you get the idea.

Since it is raining here today, and I have the afternoon to myself, I will stay in and work on my various projects. I do need to try to finish the YTRR too! It came to a stand-still when I was cleaning and reorganizing.
Back to it NOW!!!

God bless


Judy said...

I love the orphan block quilts. I have a box of pieces my 10 yo granddaughter likes to arrange. This summer she is going to start sewing them together. I can't wait!!! I'm bookmarking your post to show her. :)

Betweens said...

Mary.. gotta say my design wall looks like yours. I have many orphan blocks that need a home so I am putting together a good queen with some of them. The challenge are the are doing great so far.
I have folded my bigger pieces and put them away till I get my swap blocks done.. orphans will be worked in stages..LOL
Rainy days are perfect for quilting.. enjoy

Pat said...

I can't wait to see how your orphan block quilt is going to turn out! I always love quilts from them. Have fun!

Mary said...

These quilts are always so interesting with all the different blocks. My cutting table is pretty buried right now too.