Sunday, August 29, 2010


I'm posting this early as I won't have time in the morning! Shara has been suffering from back pain for what seems like forever. I'm taking her to a spine specialist in the am and she is getting some cortisone shots into the area where the pain is coming from. We have great hope that this will help.
I have a new quilt started. It is one of those things where the fabric and pattern just kind of jumped out and said "Make Me!" I'm working on piecing the blocks, and them I'll put the applique's in the middle of each block. It will have a simple heart applique' in the middle. It is called Country Wedding in the book "Quilt Lovers Favorites" vol 7.

I have to get ready for work now, so have a great day!

God bless


Diane said...

the new quilt is very cool-I hope the shots help too-sending prayers and positive thoughts to you and Shara.

QuiltSwissy said...

Hope Shara gets some relief. My thoughts are with her. And I love the snowballs, the appliques will be gorgeous when it is finished!

Chris said...

Those quilts that say make me are always the ones I get done fastest and just love them.

Kathie said...

Great new quilt, I love those ones that say make me!!

kwiltnkats said...

I have way too many that are screaming "make me"! Hope all went well this morning. Look forward to seeing what kind of applique ends up in the circles.

Pattilou said...

My best to Shara. Do hope the cortisone helps.