Friday, April 24, 2009

Plant a Seed

I finished binding my Plant a Seed quilt and have a picture or two to share. I would like to show it in the quilt show in October, but must fix the outer border. I quilted it with a wave design...the waves were going one way one the top, and then started going the other way when I rolled the quilt forward! I don't know how Icould have forgotten it that fast, I did it all on the same day! Just eager to finish it I guess. I also quilted Welcome Spring in the middle of the quilt. It is hard to see, but the sentiment is there.

I also have the little bow tie done. I think I will give it to a young RN at work who I have gotten to know over this past year, and enjoy working with. She is having her baby in July I believe.

I'm almost done with my TATW, finally. The patchwork got to be tedious, but I'm looking forward to quilting it.

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