Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New pix to share

I took these pix awhile ago, but finally have time to post them!

First I want to show my finished Gypsy Star quilt. I think it is very pretty, and even though the quilting is very simple, it still turned out well. The quilting is kind of meandering, but also some places look like amoebas! Shows my science background huh?

I also want to show my next QOV to go to Alycia in Colorado. I call it Welcome Home Soldier. When I was quilting it, I thought of all the soldiers over in Iraq and how much I pray everyday for them to finish up over there and come home! I also thought of how many of my son's generation of young men and women will never be the same for being over there. I quilted welcome home soldier and thank you right into the quilt. And toward the bottom, I quilted God Bless America and You have fought the good fight.You can't see it in the picture, even up close, but it is there with all the prayer and blessings I can give.

I did make a couple quilts for either Hospice house or Daybreak-thats a local teen shelter:
And last, but not least is my Pineapple Variation. I said earlier I wasn't too happy with the quilting, but I still think it is pretty. The colors really are great, and the pattern is wonderful. It is from Fons and Porte's Love of quilting magazine-I think Spetember or October issue, 2008.

I also have been making blocks for the BOM in Carol Doak's paper piecing yahoo group. They are fun and cute, and I love paper piecing, so it suits me well. I will post some completed works when I am done!

Yes, quilting is my haven, and I love to share my work. I look forward to time to quilt and time to blog. I thank God for giving me this to enjoy.

God bless you,


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