Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Working on my goals

I did get my tote bag made for work. It is twice as big as my old one, so I don't carry my purse, just put everything in the tote. I carry my lunch and books to look at (quilting ones of course), and wallet/cellphone/ keys. I had so much fun making that first one, that I made two more-one for Shara and one as an extra. The patterns are from M'Liss Rae Hawley's book on fat quarter bags and purses. There are lots of very cute ideas in it. I may make some to go on etsy.
So here is an updated list for March:

1. Quilting! I still have not finished the one on my frame-the pineapple variation. I want to try to quilt 6 this month, so I must get that one off the frame. I got bogged down with it, and am having a hard time going forward. The others include:
QOV to send to alycia
Strip twist
Gypsy Star
Two Crazy House quilts.
2.I started a new project too-a bow tie quilt. The blocks are very fast and easy. They are only 6 inches, so I need about 120 of them, or more. I cut lots of squares out of scrap bin and from left overs-so it is very scrappy.
3. QAYG blocks for the Aussie project. I needed more strings to use-hence the cutting up of leftovers!
4. Tote bags to put on etsy.

I think I will stop with those goals this month-that is enough!

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