Thursday, January 7, 2010

At last-Pictures!

It has taken me awhile to learn to put new photos on with this new computer. I just had to sit down and figure it out, really! I wanted to show a little of what things I have been doing and maybe write some goals for 2010.

In October, I finished one of the quilt tops for my commission, and never was able to show a picture, so here it is! I have since finished quilting the first of the two, and also sent my customer a coordinating wall hanging. This has been one of the most special projects I have worked on. She ill end up with about 5-6 quilts eventually.

In November, I made a table runner for a Carol Doak challenge, but never was able to show the picture, so I will now. These little runners are so satisfying to make that I think the next thing I try on etsy will be a series of table runners!Check out my etsy shop at to see what I do!

In December, I have worked on some donations to Quilts for Kids, a great project to get small colorful quilts to hospitalized children. I have sent four so far. It is a great program sponsored by Downy fabric softner. They send you a kit to make a quilt with very nice high quality fabrics in nice bright colors. You can also send your own designs in too. The picture I have to show is of one I made out of a panel fabric. The print is for making a fabric book "Teaching Children to Pray", but I just used parts of it for the quilt. It is my favorite one that I have sent in to this program. I hope it becomes special to some child out there!

Carol Doak's group has started this year off with a Your's Truely Round Robin. The first part is a center star of your choice. I chose the pattern-"Rays of Hope", found on Carol's website. I wanted a large dramatic block and I love the name, so I chose this one. I also really love the colors I chose. That aqua blue was jumping out at me everywhere I went shopping last week! I think I bought about 4 fabrics with that color in it! So here is the center-should be interesting where it goes from here! This RR is done without sending it anywhere-just at home with the creative guidelines that Carol comes up with at each round.

This month, Heartstrings is doing a pillowcase project-inspired by the million pillowcase project. For me, I had several fabrics that I wanted to move out of my stash and into the world where they would do some good. Besides that, those pillowcases are fun, FUN to make! Instant gratification happens with creating them. I have made 31 of them, but I made some of those for my family. We needed new pillowcases too! This picture only shows 22 of them, but you can see what a great variey of fabrics and colors can be used!
Goals for 2010:
1.Finish the commission quilts by mid-Feb.
2.Quilt at least one UFO a week. (for me that's a lofty goal!)
3. Ride the exercize bike at least three times a week.
4. Keep doing all the projects I have started. There's about 6-7 of them right now. I can't start anything new now. I ran out of project baskets!
Hope and Blessings for this New Year to All!


Alycia said...

Love the pillowcases. Like your goals too!! You can do it - I have faith in you!

Pat said...

Loved looking at the pictures of your lovely quilts. You've got lots on your plate!