Saturday, January 16, 2010

Several Carol Doak blocks

I have been making blocks for the Star block exchange this week, and I also made two table runners featuring Carol Doak's blocks. I have pictures!

The 9-patch star book is becoming one of my favorites. The pictures to the right are for the block exchange, all from that book. The Valentine's day table runner is from Carol's 300 PP block book. The blue and purple TR is from Carol's yahoo group files. She designs special blocks from time to time. This one is a New Year's Day block for 2010.
I enjoy the yahoo group and the great ideas and inspiration I get from it!

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Anonymous said...

Mary, your quilts look wonderful...I love the center for the YTRR challenge. I've got mine done and I'm actually wishing we could start sooner than February! Don't worry, though, I've got plenty to keep me busy until then and it sounds like you do, too!