Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas is Over

and it was great! We spread the festivities over three days! Christmas Eve at Shara's sister Diane's house. Diane is a vibrant, lively, fun-loving gal about a year older than Shara. She has had Christmas Eve at her house for several years now. As always there is lots of food, people, and noisey fun. We drank hot buttered rums and laughed it up as usual! Opened about a million gifts, then it was time for home and bed...? We were up until about 1230!
Christmas day: Shara had to work that night, so we just had brunch at Northern Quest Casino with my mom, our two boys and me. We only had two hours, but it was fine. I spent the rest of the day quilting on my commission quilt. I had sent the wall hanging to the customer on the 24th, so wanted to progress on the quilt! I also finished another log cabin scrappy.
Oh, did I mention I am making some log cabin quilts? They are great for using up smaller strings. I have done one in the barn-raising design with scrappy colored center squares, and the other is court house steps with reds in ther center squares. The next one will have reds again-I had enough 2.5 inch squares cut for two quilts.
But I digress...the 26th, we went out to my brother Bill and Ginny's for an after Christmas day Christmas. We all were able to come, except Phyllis, who was unable to come up from New Mexico. My family was finally able to meet Matt's girlfriend Linda. They all seemed to like her, and she seemed comfortable with them. I hope, I hope, there might be...dare I say bells! And maybe someday a grandbaby! Well, not so fast Mary! They are still young, and by today's standard, too young to seriously think about marriage! Living together for over a year is another thing entirely! I guess I just want them to be happy, and I will reign in my grandma hopes until they are really ready!
That was my holiday. I am working as usual over New Year's. I ask for all of Christmas off, so now I must give back by working over that holiday. I think New Year's is a quiet reflective time for us, and things like First Night Spokane are just not that important to us, so for us it is better to work.
I am now making pillow cases, our current Heartstrings project. I finished to quilting on my commission quilt today. As I mentioned, I am starting another log cabin soon, and will make more string blocks for the block cupboard-blue centered this time. I have a couple of paper pieced projects going too. And maybe a third. Carol Doak should start a new BOM project soon. I signed upfor the star swap, and am working on a 5500 member block project.
As I keep saying, I will try to get pictures up soon!

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