Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Orca Bay Progress!

I spent a day getting all the blocks together for Orca Bay (Bonnie's Wonderful new mystery quilt design). The center is done, and the boder triangles are divided out and ready to go. I then turned my attention to making a few new items for my etsy shop for Valentine's Day.

Here's my Orca Bay right now:

You can click on the side bar there to see my new etsy shop items. I will hopefull have a new little quilt done to put up this week. V. Day is just around the corner!!!

God Bless


Laura said...

Love the blue and orange! Mine is blue and orange too, but my triangles are blue and my square string blocks are orange.

And I love the booboo blocks! They should have a home in a future quilt!

Alycia said...

Wonderful!!! Love the heart quilt in your header too!!!

JustPam said...

I love this coloration of OB. Great job.

skye said...

J'adore the oranges! Gorgeous!