Friday, September 23, 2011

September Already!!!

Wow! This year is going so fast! I am already planning for the Quilt Show! Here in Spokane, the quilt show for WSQ (Washington State Quilters) is in mid October. This will be the third year at the fairgrounds-a great venue for out rather large show. We have at last count almost 600 quilts and other items entered. Judging from some of the show and tell quilts at guild meeting yesterday, it's going to be great! I don't have new photos today, but will soon. We have a new computer in that is in the sewing room. I have to upload the Kodac easy share program into this computer and then I'll get to sharing!
It just seems like I can't get enough quilting done lately! I think I mentioned I was doing a new exercize program-Jazzercize. I have to devide my time a little more, and I think that may be why I have not gotten as much done theis year. But, the wt loss was so needed!!! I am still going to Jazzercize three times a week, and at last weigh in, I have lost 20lbs! Jazzercize is so fun that I have not gotten tired of it yet! I have been weighing at the beginning of each month, so I hope to add a couple more lbs to the 20!
Here's a question for all you nurses out there:
How does your facility handle change of shift reports? I have experienced it many different ways, from recording report, to bedside reporting most recently. I actually have liked doing report at the bedside so far, but I am interested to see how well it does as we continue. There is still the issue of going into a patient who desparately needs sleep and we wake them up yet again! Anyway-tell me your thoughts if you have time!
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julieQ said...

We give report at the desk with the computer, then do a quick walking round to introduce the oncoming nurse and check for clean linens, IV sites, etc...seems to work...