Sunday, July 25, 2010

No DWM for me this week!

I don't have our camera this week, as it was lent out to a gal where Shara works to take photos of the employees to send to one of the nurses who moved recently. Shara is going to make an email photo album to send to him. So, I am unable to post my DWM photos for lack of camera to take photos! That's okay, it is for a good cause!
I hope to finish putting together my Valiant Eagle quilt top, and my Bricks and Cobblestones. I also finished the applique' for the Tulips quilt, so might get that together as well. I need a new applique' project soon. I found a Raggedy Ann and Andy project with redwork stiched RA&A here
I'm thinking this might be that project! I can do the piecing and save the redwork for when I need a hand project-such as when watching TV, or riding in the car on Vacation!

I can't wait to see everyone else's DWM tomorrow!
God Bless

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Helen in the UK said...

The RA&A project looks cute and will give you quite a bit of handwork on standby!
I've just cut fabric for a Bricks & Stepping Stones. It's a fun pattern for the 'less beautiful' fabrics isn't it :)