Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New pix to share2

I wanted to show my quilt I am in progress with first. It is called "Calicoes" in Fons and Porter's latest magazine-I think the June issue. I love this design because it includes two of my favorite traditional blocks: Churn Dash and Friendship Star.I have loaded up several totes, pillows, and a few quilts on lately, there is a link to it on the sidebar. Haven't sold anything since January...the economy? Where has all the "stimulus money" gone? Oh well, I still like Obama. Hey maybe I should see if his daughters would like a quilt! Here's a few of my lateset etsy things:

I'm still binding the Trip Around the World, will show a picture soon. That darn thing took longer than I thought it would! I hope it is worth it. I think it will be one of my entries in the October quilt show in Spokane.

God Bless you all,

Mary H

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