Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quilter's Block

I feel like I have had "Quilter's Block" for awhile! And that is not one you can sew! I had too many BOM's going, and it felt like I wasn't finishing anything! Well, I hope I got out of that this week!I finished quilting my "Meet Me at the Manor" from a Quiltmaker series quilt. The photo is of a 1/4 of the quilt-it is folded and on my ironing board. I got the binding part way ready. It feels good to have something nearly done! Also below is my Simply Radiant Star quilt with all the blocks done and the layout planned. Not as spectacular as some of the gals are doing, but I am ready to have this project done. I did not like the fabrics I chose for the connector blocks, so rather than rechoosing, I decied to just finish this one and move on!

I finished this quilt top too. It is from AP&Q magazine-I think the April issue. It is called "Follow the Leader". It is shown here folded on my ironing board too. I did not want to take down my SR quilt! This was a fun, scappy, and pretty pattern. The challenge was in the setting. Those are columns of blocks with a narrow sashing inbetween each one, then a flying geese border. I love the effect of that dark plum color as the sashing and outer and inner borders. I will show more when I get it quilted and bound!

This leads me to my next project. I get a Quilter's Favorite book every spring from AP&Q, and this year, there were SOOO many quilts I want to make! I am going to start with this one-"Walled Garden". I even love the name! Below is the book with the pattern, and the fabrics I picked for it. The colors were inspired from thiis truely yummy fat quarter pak I bought at a quilt show from Quilt Patch Lane. It is a Moda collection, but if course, I added alot from my stash. It is a rosey/peachy color that I really love, but also I have some lt chartreuse green in there too, and brown,and cranberry. I can't wait to sink my rotory cutter into those fabrics!!! But I must get those other things finished first!!!

So, wish me luck this week...binding the Manor quilt and sewing together SR quilt! I am really trying to resist cutting those fabrics before I finish those two things!!!

God bless

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