Monday, December 13, 2010

Design Wall Monday-12/13/10

Good Morning!
This has been a busy week with various projects needing time spent on each one. I have four quilts in progress that are either series quilts, or BOM's, or the RRCB mystery! I never have a lack of things to work on, just have to make a decision on what to work on! LOL!
Here's the latest block on the Carol Doak BOM-Simply Radiant:

Here's the latest on Meet me at the Manor-the Quiltmaker series I'm doing.I think this is the last of the block instructions, next magazine it will be putting it all together! I'm glad, because McCall's Quilting mag came out with a new series! I want to finish this one before starting a new one! Is there a pattern here? I really like doing quilts this way, and it goes with my style of quilts with alot of fabrics and a variety of blocks. That is really the kind of quilts I love to do!

I just finished 70 of those little pinwheel blocks-they are one of the borders. Then I have 4 more other kinds of blocks to do, but not that many of each. I think the most is 8.

When I'm not quilting, I have been working on these cotton dishcloths. I'm going to give them as gifts this Christmas. I'm not sure who will get them, but I love making them! They are so easy! I'm thinking they would make great face cloths too.

I don't think I ever showed a photo of the little Sunbonnet quilt we found at one of the many antiquing places we went to on our vacation last Sept. It is probably circ. 1970's or so. The quilting is not the greatest, but it still is cute! We try to add at least a small quilt to our antique collection each year.

I also am up to date on the RRCB mystery quilt. This ine is really a great mystery, as the sections we have made so far are so different! Bonnie is good...she can sure make a great mystery! I anticipate every Friday because the next clue comes out!
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God bless


simonepatch said...

Ficou lindo o Bloco da Carol.Eu estou fazendo o meu e logo vou postar em meu blog.Se quiser me visitar,meu blog é Beijoss


Kate said...

All of your projects are beautiful. I tend to have more than one project going on as well. I occassionally actually finish something (maybe that should read accidently finish something!)

Kathie said...

loved the paper pieced block, such sharp sharp points.

Chris said...

That is a lot of pinwheels!! But the quilt is really cute :)

Quilter Kathy said...

Love those knitted dishcloths!

Dena said...

I contemplated doing the Meet me at the Manor quilt but decided I didn't have the time to follow it through. Nice progress on your projects.

julieQ said...

I really loved seeing your sun bonnet Sue find...very cute! Did you crochet or knit your dishcloths??