Monday, September 20, 2010

We're home and I've been knitting!

While we were on vacation, I finished the cupcake blocks, the Raggedy and Friends block embroideries, and half of the snowball applique' blocks. I would have finished them all, but I started knitting dishcloths, then knitted a purse. This is just as addicting as quilting! Oh No! So, during the trip, we had to visit yarn stores as well as quilt shops. I came home with some wonderful yarns and fabrics. The day we got home, we decided to have a pajama and movie day, so what did I do? Knitted a scarf! I had fun with embellishments on this one. I used some beads that I have had around for a couple years, and some ribbons. I put it for sale on etsy, but it may just end up being mine if it doesn't sell by the end of this winter!

No DWM for me today, but I did manage to put the crumb blocks together into a top, and the cupcake blocks are organized to put together too. I think I will do an applique'd border of words-sweet treat, that sort of thing, instead of free piecing.

So, that is my quilting (and knitting) world for now!
I only have one day left of freedom, then it is back to work...Wed night! Wee Haw!

God bless

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