Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday night at work

Very calm night! I haven't charted yet, but Ill get to it.
I was happy with my progress on my quilting yesterday. I got the Kimono quilt done and a Sally House one as well. They are well on their way to being done binding too. I'm planning to show the Kimono Quilt in Oct in the WSQ show. I'll post a pix sometime soon, still have to get CD's for transferring pix.
We are going to Seattle this coming week-end for the Heartstrings West Coast sew-in. I'm looking forward to it! Hopefully we'll have good attendance. Some of the ones who were going to go can't make it now...life has a way of changing from one month to the next!
Will post some pix of that too.

God Bless-

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