Thursday, October 30, 2008


I meant to title this October-Almost over already, but I hit a wrong button, and it posted before I could write! The quilt show was as always wonderful, and by Sunday afternoon, I was ready to be done. I bought some very noce batiks, so I'm making a batik scrappy, and will have enough for another batik project later. I also bought some hand dyed marbled fabric-costly, but nice and I made a wall hanging with it-waiting to quilt it. I bought a pattern for an origami kimono quilt that I will make a wall hanging with-then of course, I had to go to the fabric store for more Asian fabrics to fill out the choices of fabrics for the wall hanging.
I have only finished two quilts this month! And I haven't listed anything on etsy for awhile. I did give my sister in law three quilts to give to some needy kids she knows. Another family got torn apart by meth abuse. The two girls are living with their gram, and next door to my sis, so we gave them each a quilt. I'll post the pix later. My turquoise Heart strings went to an 11 year old girl with leukemia. She is over in Seattle getting chemo treatments, so the quilt will keep her warm and comforted. I hope and pray she will come through it ok.
Our water bed sprung a leak a couple days ago, so now Shara and I are dealing with that. We have to order a new bed, and a pump to get all the water out of the old one. What a mess! I think our bedroom carpeting is ruined-the bed leaked all over the floor. And it smells very bad too! So, we will have to sleep wherever we can! My weekend will be spent cleaning up the basement. I will make time for my quilting, because I can't keep sane without it!

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Mary said...

I'm sure all the quilts will comfort their recipients.